Thursday, September 19, 2013

A busy summer...

  We've had a very busy last few months. In August Conroy sprained his ankle really bad and had to take it easy for a while.
  Then we were blessed with corn, along with other garden things...then we took a quick trip up to Canada towards the beginning of September.  We enjoyed relaxing and spending time with family at a campout with Conroy's Mom's family. 
  After our trip to Canada we got busy with applesauce and tomato products (tomato juice, pizza sauce, and salsa).  I tried making ketchup  this year too as our family goes through the ketchup. I'm hoping to make some tomato soup yet with some of the tomatoes that are ripening yet.  It's good to be winding down with canning but I'm so thankful for all the things God provided.
    Laticia has been a good help to me with ending the green beans, winding the victorian strainer when we are making applesauce or tomato juice, etc.  For storytime I've been reading the Laura Ingalls books to her.
   Conroy has been very busy lately trying to keep up with studying and work, etc. He and my brother Tim along with Ethan Peake are carpooling and attending the Advanced EMT classes in Rice Lake.  It's every Tuesday and Thursday evening and one Saturday (during the day) a month that they go for classes.
  This past Sunday I was blessed by the sermon Dad shared on being filled with the Spirit.  He read some out of Ephesians 5.  As I was turning to that chapter on Sunday verse 2 just kind of "jumped out" at me.
  Verse 1&2 :  "Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour."  The WALK IN LOVE stood out to me.  It was a challenge to's a command God wants me to follow him and walk in love as he has loved me.  It was a good challenge for me this year as Monday was my birthday.   It's been my prayer that God will help me daily...moment by moment to walk in love as Jesus would...that all my thoughts, words, attitudes and actions would be like Christ.  The morning of my birthday the song" Thine for service" was going through my mind.  The chorus goes: "Thine for service when the days are drear,
                                              Thine for service when the skies are clear,
                                             Yes thine for service through the coming year.
                                                    I am Thine for service Lord." 
 This is my prayer and longing to be a channel of His love to everyone.  It's something for which I need His constant help and strength.

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  1. Nice update, Carissa. Keep going with living, loving, and blogging.