Tuesday, August 16, 2016

In Loving Memory...

Safe With Jesus

Our babies are safe with Jesus.
Safe in His mighty arms.
Where ne're a sorrow, or pain will befall them.
They're free from all alarms.

Though we miss them here on earth,
And we long to hold them near.
 Yet Jesus can fill all the pain we feel.
With His sweet presence so dear.

                     Along with the joy of Heaven,
                    And seeing our Saviour's face.
                      We have precious souls that we will meet,
                    In Heaven, in a sweet embrace.

                        ~ Carissa J. Loewen ~
                      June 3, 2011
                       God gave this poem after losing our second
                         precious baby through miscarriage.
    This month our hearts are turned to heaven once again as we think of our 3 precious, angel, treasures waiting for us in heaven.
The first weekend of August we had a Troyer family reunion and it was also our "due date" for the little one that went "Home" in January.  My dear sister Melinda blessed us with these roses in remembrance of our little one that could have made us a family of 5 here on earth (one rose for each of us).  I was also thinking how 5 roses can represent our children 3 in heaven and 2 precious miracles here with us on earth. 
  We are so thankful for the precious girls God has give us and need wisdom from God daily to raise them for Him, and we look forward to Heaven where we can meet the rest of our family someday.