Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Thanksgiving and Building Project

Our 16x20 addition.  I'm looking forward to extra space including space for a pantry!  :)
 Thankgiving Day Dad, Mom and Anna came over and helped get the rafters and some of the OSB on the roof.  It was a blessing to have their help in getting it covered before the snow came.

   Friday after Thanksgiving we all went up to Jesse and Monica's and spent the weekend with them.  We came home Sunday afternoon.  It was good to see them again and Laticia sure enjoyed playing with her cousins.
                                   Thank-you Lord for all the many ways You have blessed us!

Monday, November 19, 2012

In Everything Give Thanks!

 In Everything Give Thanks
(Tune: Jesus Has the Table Spread)

As we think of all Christ's done,
And the battle's He has won.
We are thankful for His mercy and His grace.
We can freely worship Him,
With no fear of prison.
Thank-You God, for salvation You have given.

In everything give thanks,
For this is the will of God.
In Christ Jesus as we travel this sod.
God has blessed in many ways.
He gives grace through all our days.
As we trust Him and rest in His love.

God gives friends, both far and near,
And our families we hold dear.
Who have blessed us in so many ways.
We have often felt their care,
As they've lifted us in prayer.
We're so thankful for our God-given friends.

Thank-you God, for meeting needs,
To our prayers, You've given heed.
You “exceedingly abundantly” provide.
Thank-you for the harvest great,
Your provisions, never late.
Thank-You God for Your bountiful gifts.

~ Carissa J. Loewen ~
Nov. 19, 2011 

God gave this song a year ago today. 
 Yesterday Daddy preached a challenging sermon on having an attitude of gratitude.   It was a challenge to me as he shared that our children learn by our example and how we respond to situations whether with gratefulness or unthankfulness that is what our children will pick up.  How I long for God to help me have a spirit of contentment and gratefulness daily!  
Thank - you God for your all your many blessings!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Troyer Family Relatives

  Dad's brother and sister and mother came to visit to Wisconsin so we enjoyed several days with them.  It was right over our 6th anniversary so it was time for another family picture.
   Aunt Margaret had these projects to work of them was making purses.  The men went fishing one day.  It was a good and special time together making memories!

Marvin and Margaret              Morris and Gloria
       Troyer                                     Yoder

Grandma Troyer with her children.  (Aunt Verda, the oldest is in heaven with Grandpa).

                                                       Displaying the purses we made!

                                                     Our 6th Anniversary Family Picture!

                            The men were successful with their fishing and it was sure good eating!

Como Zoo

     Laticia has been wanting to go to the zoo, so we finally took a day off and went to the zoo.  Highlights there were the Monkeys, the seal or sea lion show and griaffes.  We also enjoyed a ride on the carosel.

Family and FOCIS

 We have had alot of different things happening in August. We enjoyed a weekend together with all the Troyer clan together.  Jesse and Monica and family from MN and Austin and Melinda and family from IN.  I want to share a few photos of our time together.
                                   Alexis, Jalon, Laticia and Joel had fun playing together.
                                                                  The Troyer Family

  The next week we enjoyed the week up at FOCIS family camp near Gilbert, MN .  It was a good mixture of family time, encouraging sharing from different families in the evening, classes to challenge and encourage, recreation time, fellowship with other families, etc.  It was a blessed week!
   Below are a few glimpses of the week.

  They had a little softball hitting time for the young children while some others were playing softball on the field.

                                     It was beautiful to take a canoe and go out    on the lake as a family during the family recreation time.

    We enjoyed singing with another young couple, Kevin and Krista Yoder during the evening with the families shared in song, skits, testimonies, etc.

              We enjoyed seeing "Bear"  again and     hearing him sing.
                                   The children had an interesting program Thursday evening.

                      Father and Son

                        This is a bit of a repeat. I lost this document so quick made another.  Now I found this one.  Praise the Lord!                                  

FOCIS family camp

Soft ball fun

It was good to hear Bear sing again during the family time of singing and sharing.
  We also enjoyed singing with Kevin and Krista Yoder.

   All in all it was a nice time of being together as a family. It was a good mix of classes, fellowship, recreation, hearing from other families, etc.  It was a good week and we enjoyed it!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yummy Corn

God's bountiful blessing of some of our first fresh corn from the garden "YUM"

"Mommy, can I cook these for my Supper"