Monday, November 19, 2012

In Everything Give Thanks!

 In Everything Give Thanks
(Tune: Jesus Has the Table Spread)

As we think of all Christ's done,
And the battle's He has won.
We are thankful for His mercy and His grace.
We can freely worship Him,
With no fear of prison.
Thank-You God, for salvation You have given.

In everything give thanks,
For this is the will of God.
In Christ Jesus as we travel this sod.
God has blessed in many ways.
He gives grace through all our days.
As we trust Him and rest in His love.

God gives friends, both far and near,
And our families we hold dear.
Who have blessed us in so many ways.
We have often felt their care,
As they've lifted us in prayer.
We're so thankful for our God-given friends.

Thank-you God, for meeting needs,
To our prayers, You've given heed.
You “exceedingly abundantly” provide.
Thank-you for the harvest great,
Your provisions, never late.
Thank-You God for Your bountiful gifts.

~ Carissa J. Loewen ~
Nov. 19, 2011 

God gave this song a year ago today. 
 Yesterday Daddy preached a challenging sermon on having an attitude of gratitude.   It was a challenge to me as he shared that our children learn by our example and how we respond to situations whether with gratefulness or unthankfulness that is what our children will pick up.  How I long for God to help me have a spirit of contentment and gratefulness daily!  
Thank - you God for your all your many blessings!!!

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  1. I liked his sermon a lot too. Liked how he said that gratitude is a decision not just a feeling that happens to us.